The best PR is newsworthy – it’s the editorial you read in magazines and newspapers, the stories you hear on radio or watch on TV, it’s the information people share through social media.

It’s not space, airtime or promoted posts that have been paid for.

Editorial and similar media coverage has credibility. It is seen as the independent and objective views made by an impartial journalist or with social media, member of the public, unconnected to you. Consumers trust and believe it.

PR is also often cheaper and can be better value for money than other forms of paid for promotional activity, such as advertising. Even if you hire an external public relations agency like ourselves, you will pay less for our time and services than you gain ultimately via exposure. The return on investment is tangible.

What you achieve in the way of visibility through PR-driven media coverage, and the improvement in the perception of your business, would cost you much, much more if you did other forms of marketing.