About us

We were founded by former Guardian Media Group Senior Journalist, Rachel Burks back in 1994.

As a result of Rachel’s background and experience, we base our methods of communication on the principles of good journalism, combined with commercial common sense – hence our strapline: ‘Profit from PR’.

Why PR?

Editorial coverage has credibility. It is seen as the independent & objective views made by an impartial journalist or with social media, member of the public. Consumers trust and believe it.

Years of experience

All our team members have experience of working with or in the national and regional media and have undertaken training as journalists.

Media contacts

We know which media to target, we understand what content the media is looking for, when to pitch to them and the best way to deliver your message within the story to enhance your brand.

Meet the team

PR can be more cost effective than other marketing

What you achieve in the way of visibility through PR-driven media coverage, and the improvement in the perception of your business, would cost you much, much more if you did other forms of marketing.

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Our services

Media relations and liaison is central to our work along with strong writing skills, social media activity, PR strategies, creative thinking and professional press and commercial photography.

With our more detailed packages, we can also put together monthly reports
to provide information on your return on investment.


We can provide an in-house style PR function for an agreed monthly retainer fee, based on a minimum three-month working relationship.

PR Angels

Our PR Angels service gives smaller companies and new businesses the chance to tap into our expertise without paying for a full package or daily access.

Social media

Social media is used for conversational PR activity, to reach influencers, to empower clients and to promote products and services.

Press and commercial photography

We have an experienced in-house photographer who can travel within a 50-mile radius from our Bridgwater office to take press, product and commercial photos.

New business & product launches

Need to create a groundswell of excitement? We can co-ordinate all aspects of a launch from branded materials to working with the media and organising the launch itself.

Website creation/help

If you need a new website or want to overhaul your existing one – we can help create and advise on the design and layout of the pages, and give expert tips on wording and images.


To achieve brand awareness and positive name checks, your PR has to be persistent and to have a consistent message and format.

Media liaison

We know what the press is looking for, what journalists like and, more importantly what they don’t like.

Media training & coaching

We can help your people to communicate confidently and effectively with print, radio and TV media.

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Communicare welcomes funding to create an umbrella scheme to help users stay at home

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A COMMUNITY research project has officially launched this month aiming to tell the stories embedded in the culture of Southampton’s streets and neighbourhoods through films made from residents’ perspectives (January 2022).