DRIVERS in Weston-super-Mare are invited this month (January 2019) to get free advice on driving on wintery roads from a car care and motorcycle maintenance company in the town.

Staff at Autoserv Car & Bike on Pottery Close are providing tips to motorists who will be travelling in either very cold or extremely wet conditions.

Steve White, Director of the company, said: “According to many forecasters, the UK is due to experience a severe wintery weather period with potentially everything from heavy rain to snow and freezing temperatures coming our way, so it is particularly important motorists are prepared.

“Driving in icy and potentially slippery conditions requires skill and delicate use of the vehicle’s controls, steering, brakes and accelerator.

“We have come up with some top tips for motorists to help them stay in control of their vehicles and keep safe on the roads”

Autoserv Car & Bike is giving motorists the following advice:

  • Try to stick to major roads as these are more likely to have been cleared and gritted and allow extra time in case of unexpected delays
  • When driving in icy or snowy conditions stopping distances can be 10 times more
  • To maintain better control of your vehicle, stay in a high gear as this will help to avoid wheelspin
  • Avoid harsh braking and acceleration, or sharp steering
  • When driving on slippery surfaces always reduce your speed smoothly and in plenty of time. To avoid locking your wheels when braking, get into a low gear earlier than normal, allow your speed to fall and use your brakes gently
  • Slow down before bends and corners as braking on an icy or snow-covered bend can cause your vehicle to spin
  • If you get stuck in snow or ice, do not try to spin the wheels. This can result in damage to your tyres or even cause a tyre to burst
  • If your car gets into a slide, stay off the brake, clutch and the accelerator until you get the vehicle back under control

Steve added: “We recommend people listen to the weather forecast and traffic reports and not to travel if the police or motoring organisations advise against it.

“We also have a range of winter tyres available at the outlet. The tyres use a tread rubber compound and pattern specifically designed to retain flexibility in low temperatures. They give good braking performance on snow and ice, as well as on wet roads in cold conditions.”

Autoserv Car & Bike specialises in providing customers with tyres, exhausts, batteries, MOTs, fixed price servicing and vehicle repair work.

To find out more about Autoserv Car & Bike on Pottery Close in Weston-super-Mare, please call 01934 620 160 or visit

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